Pody's homogenized

Organic homogenized with Italian organic agriculture raw ingredients.
Pody’s homogenized are designed to offer a balanced and nutritious product and according to the guidelines for an optimal diet thus supporting the natural nutritional needs of every baby worldwide.

Pody’s Fruit & Pody’s Meat homogenized

Pody’s Fruit homogenized

Pody's Fruit only contain fruit sugars.
Nutrition and health experts underline the importance of good nutritional habits since an early age in order to avoid potential health deficiencies in adulthood.
Since weaning, it is therefore important to prefer foodstuff which do not contain added sugars but - on the contrary - only foodstuff containing sugars which are already and naturally present in the raw materials these are made of. Pody's homogenized raw materials come exclusively from organic agriculture.

Pody’s Meat homogenized

Pody's Meat range of homogenized is the result of studies done in order to let the already present and natural characteristics of animal proteins stand out. In compliance with organic standards, raw materials traceability is guaranteed starting from animal breeding up to the sterilized packaged jar. Pody's Meat raw ingredients come exclusively from organic farming.

Pody’s Fish & Pody’s Vegetables homogenized

Pody’s Fish homogenized

Pody's Fish homogenized range feature the Omega-3 fatty acids naturally present in fish and are not salt added.

Pody’s Vegetables homogenized

Vegetables are important. We at Pody's are well aware of the importance of encouraging good eating habits and Pody's Vegetable range - containing exclusively vegetables from organic agriculture - is a specific and healthy solution for the babies in each of their growing up steps. 

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Pody's Vegetables raw ingredients come exclusively from organic agriculture. Pody's homogenized ranges do not contain colourings nor preservatives.

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