Pody's milk powders

Our technical know-how blended with our committment brought us to develop Pody’s milk powders. an ideal nourishment in terms of nutritional values, Pody’s milk powders feature carefully chosen exclusive ingredients selected after a thorough research and confrontation with specialists in this field.

Pody's Milk Powders

Pody’s UP (from 6 to 12 months)
Pody’s Growing UP (from 12 months on)

Pody’s Plus Milk Powders

Pody’s UP Plus (from 6 to 12 months)
Pody’s Growing UP Plus (from 12 months on)

Pody’s Specific Needs

Anti-reflux, anti-dysentery, highly digestible

The geographical location of the dairy areas in healthy sea regions results in Pody’s milk powders featuring optimal and natural iodine values.

Please note:
We at Pody’s firmly believe in WHO’s guidelines in matters of breastfeeding. We strongly underline its importance up to the 6th month by recommending its continuation in conjunction with the weaning as well. Breastmilk represents the best natural and most highly digestible nourishment for every baby.

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