Pody's Plus milk powders

Pody's UP Plus milk powders

Pody’s Plus range features Pody’s Up Plus (from 6 to 12 months) and Pody’s Growing UP Plus (from 12 months on) which are further enriched with GOS-FOS prebiotics, water-soluble non-digestible and bifidus fibres which support both the natural functionalities of the digestive system and the controlled and proper development of the gut microbiota - bifidus bacteria and lactobacillus- , thus stimulating the body's natural immunological defences. Moreover, Pody’s Plus formulas are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the children’s normal growth by supporting the development of the brain cells, of the nerve cells and of the retina. Omega -3 are essential as the early metabolism of a baby is not able to sufficiently produce them.

Please note:
We at Pody’s firmly believe in WHO’s guidelines in matters of breastfeeding. We strongly underline its importance up to the 6th month by recommending its continuation in conjunction with the weaning as well. Breastmilk represents the best natural and most highly digestible nourishment for every baby.

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