Pody’s Milk Powders – Specific needs

Pody's Special milk powders for specific needs
  • Anti-reflux formula
  • Anti-dysentery formula
  • Highly digestible formula

The range of Pody's Milk Powders provides specific formulas studied to answer specific needs or specific nutritional deficiencies. Among these are for instance anti-reflux formulas, anti-dysentery formulas as well as highly digestible formulas. In such and other critical situations - and according to paediatric indications - Pody's Milk powders provide the most fitting solution.

Please note:
We at Pody’s firmly believe in WHO’s guidelines in matters of breastfeeding. We strongly underline its importance up to the 6th month by recommending its continuation in conjunction with the weaning as well. Breastmilk represents the best natural and most highly digestible nourishment for every baby.

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